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Our prime objective is to provide the most fascinating shopping experience for our users. We need you to feel safe while going by the Site. By using Seitech, you agree with our privacy statement that describes the approach with respect to the accumulation, use, revelation, and care of individual details. If you are in the favor that we don’t need to gather and process data about you, please don’t provide it to us and don’t approach our services. We may edit this Privacy Statement anytime. If any improvements take place, we will notify you via email or notify on website preceding the change getting to be more persuasive.


We collect and utilize the details about you to disclose our product's services and advancements. In addition to gathering information to enhance the shopping experience of our consumers. Here are various tactics that we use to acquire information about you.

Personal Information that Seitech gathers from you may include 

  • Name
  • Mailing address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Fax Number
  • Transaction information
  • Credit card number and other payment information
  • Date of birth (in conjunction with promotions, credit card applications, or credit checks)


  • Access or use the Site
  • Sign Up, subscribe, or create an account with Seitech.
  • Open and respond to our emails
  • Inquire about products or contact customer service
  • Visit any page online that shows our advertisements or substance;
  • Shop products or services via the website
  • Post comments to online communities
  • Connect via social networking platforms
  • Request for a catalog
  • Participated in a marketing survey
  • Referred by the marketing promotion

Seitech may also gather other details related to your browsing history on Seitech Websites, action in an answer of Seitech emails, area information, and accumulated or factual data with respect to utilization of our Web destinations to enhance webpage execution, item offerings, and advancements and focused on publicizing.

Note: Keeping in mind the end goal to give you a superior shopping experience and to enhance the quality of our services, we may consolidate the Personal Information you submit under your record with other details that we may get from you, from outsiders, or with other open data. We keep up this data, alongside a record of your buys, in confined databases.


We need this information to comprehend your necessities and give you a superior service, and specifically for the accompanying reasons:

  • Internal record keeping.
  • We may utilize the details to enhance our products and services.
  • We may send promotional emails to make you aware of our new arrivals, offers, or other information which we think you may find fascinating utilizing the email address which you have given.
  • Periodically, we may utilize your data to get in touch with you for market research purposes. We may connect with you by email, fax, and phone. We may also use the information to tweak the website as per your interest.
  • Fulfilling requests and demands for products, services, or information
  • Tracking and affirming online orders
  • Processing discounts, returns, and trades
  • Conducting research and analysis
  • React to your client service request or queries
  • Acknowledge you of exceptional values and featured products
  • Provide you the targeted promotions
  • Forestall or relieve extortion and credit hazard
  • Consent to relevant legitimate requests, laws and regulations


Seitech does not sell, rent, or exchange your personal information with third parties. We share your details just in the ways, we depict below.

We may consolidate or share data among present or future Seitech organizations, including affiliates and subsidiaries.

We may impart your details to a third party to accomplish on our behalf, for example

  • Product servicing
  • Customer inquiry
  • Billing and recovery process
  • Implement Subscription services
  • Performing research and analysis
  • Line-up and accomplish the installation
  • Manage orders and deliver packages
  • Identify, avert or moderate misrepresentation or security or specialized issues
  • Ensure against fast-approaching damage to the rights, property, or safety of Seitech, its clients, or people in general as required or allowed by law.
  • To advise you of offers or services that may be of interest to you.

We may reveal individual information to third parties in the case of a merger, corporate sale, acquisition, sale, or comparable events. Whenever this kind of events take place, we’ll notify you via email or include a conspicuous notification on our pertinent website(s) of any alteration in ownership, and in addition any decisions you may have with respect to your own data.


We ensure the individual data which you impart to us. At Seitech, access to your own data is constrained to individuals who need it to do their work. It is our policy to keep up the virtue of any individual data in our ownership.

To forestall security ruptures, Seitech utilizes sensible efforts to establish safety to ensure the privacy of individual data under our control and suitably constrain access to it. Our digital properties make use of encryption strategies to secure your personal details.

We are focused on ensuring your data, however, you can do your part. You should make a strong password and secure it against unapproved access to your password and your PC. Make sure to sign out when wrapped up in a common PC and don't impart your password to anybody. We can't promise the security of any data you transmit to us and by utilizing our advanced properties you recognize that you do as such at your own particular danger.


We believe that you profit from a more customized experience when we know more about you and your interest. Be that as it may, you can constrain the data you give to Seitech, and you can restrain the communications that Seitech sends to you.

(a) Commercial E-mails

You may not opt to get promotional emails from us by taking the directions contained in any business email we send or by signing into your record and modifying your email inclinations. Please pay attention that if you don’t subscribe to advertising emails still you will receive emails relevant to your account and purchase history.

(b) Cookies and Tracking

You may oversee how your browser takes care of Cookies by modifying its protection and security settings. Every browser is distinctive, so alludes to guidelines related to your browser to find out about cookies-related and other privacy and security settings that may be accessible. You can quit being addressed by certain Third-Party Ad-Servers and Seitech served advertisements online with the help of the opt-out tool.

For more information about our Cookies Policy. At present, we don't modify our information accumulation. We utilize Non-Identifiable Information to specifically serve you intrigue-based advertisements with respect to third-party websites. Interest-based promotions served specifically by Seitech on third-party websites will show the AdChoices symbol. In the event that you are inclined not to get interest-based promotional ads from Seitech with respect to a third party, you can tap on the AdChoices symbol in the promotion, which will guide you to the Your Seitech AdChoices page where you can quit getting interest-based promotions served by Seitech.

(c) Device Data

You may oversee how your smartphone and browser impart certain Device Data to Seitech, and in addition how your particular browser handles Cookies by altering the protection and security settings on your cell phone. If you don't mind allude to directions given by your mobile service provider or the manufacturer of your gadget to determine how to alter your settings.

(d) E-mails from Business Partners

On the off chance that you wish to quit accepting offers specifically from our Business Partners, you can take after the quit guidelines in the messages that they send you.(e) Removal of Information: Request evacuation of data you post on our computerized properties. Now and again, we will most likely be unable to evacuate your substance or individual data, in which case we will fill you in regarding whether we can't do as such and why.

(e) Removal of Information:

Request evacuation of data you post on our computerized properties. Now and again, we will most likely be unable to evacuate your substance or individual data, in which case we will fill you in regarding whether we can't do as such and why.


Social Community Areas

The Site may be open through or have contact with extents where you may have the chance to update information publicly, connect with others, for example, discussion boards or blogs, survey products and services, and endure media content.

Before posting on social networks, kindly read our Terms and Conditions. All the information you post may be open to anyone with internet access, and any personal details you add into your updates in your post may be perused, gathered

Preceding posting in these ranges, please read our Terms of Use deliberately. All the data you post might be open to anybody with Internet access, and any Personal Information you incorporate into your posting might be perused, gathered, and utilized by others.


You may sign into the Site utilizing certain social network references. To deal with the offering of certain Personal Information to us when you associate with us through social media network platforms or applications allude to the security strategy and settings of the social networking websites or applications.


We may once in a while overhaul this Privacy Policy to reflect changes in our practices. When we present an alteration of this Privacy Policy, we will re-examine the "Last Updated" date at the highest point of this site page. The modified Privacy Policy will be taking effect right now after posting on the Service. Your proceeded use of the Service after the posting of the changed Privacy Policy constitutes your consent to tolerate and be bound by it. We urge you to intermittently audit this page for the most recent data on our security rehearses. On the off chance that you protest any adjustment, your sole response is to quit utilizing the Service.

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